What we do

ConsultMDH provides direct and facilitated access to a range of technical services around materials, product and process development and engineering. We also provide support for R&D grant acquisition, supply chain and specialist provider identification, intellectual property development & protection, technology scouting and project management.

Knowhow and Experience

We have over 25 years’ experience in industry and in delivering technical and R&D services across a broad range of sectors and applications.  In addition to our significant in-house capabilities, we have access to an extensive network of specialist providers and suppliers. Where solutions can be found elsewhere in industry, or beyond, we seek to transfer technologies

Why work with us

Where you don’t have the knowledge, expertise or resources to address your challenges in-house, we can identify the most appropriate and effective route forward, and assemble the most capable delivery team. We will quickly understand your aims and objectives, and, if there is a ‘fit’, we will provide you with a clear and unambiguous stage-gated work plan and quotation.

About ConsultMDH

With an industrial background in polymer materials, plastics manufacturing and rigid and flexible packaging, and subsequently, many years’ experience working on hundreds of applications across a number of industries, Mark has a passion for technology, science and engineering.


Mark has worked for clients in the UK, Europe and the U.S. His experience has spanned hands-on engineering and production support, materials development, product and process development, project and programme management, IP protection, tender/bid preparation and commercial contract negotiations.

Director. Mark Holmes